• vertikal2

    Vertical & Flowpak

    Ehrno supplies a range of different laminate types for foods such as cheese, meats/charcuterie, seafood and pastries. Typically with outer film of PET, OPA or OPP with different PE types sealant, often with EVOH or other types of barriers. Ehrno can provide simple packaging types, as well as complicated multilayer complexes.

  • Smør og margarine

    Cheese, Butter & Margarine

    Ehrno is providing a significant product portfolio for the packaging of cheese, butter and margarine. Materials include film, paper, aluminum, etc. Also including barrier and deadfold properties for high productivity.

  • Special_test

    Special solutions

    In addition to ”common” laminates, Ehrno develops and delivers various packaging solutions for special food or non-food products. It may be laminates tailored to a specially developed packing machine and/or a special food or a food that undergoes a special treatment.

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